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31 Mar

10 Bag Brands That Need Your Support

During these scary times health is at the forefront of everybody’s mind, but what a lot of people haven’t considered is the economic hit a lot of small businesses and indie brands have taken, worldwide. A lot of brands are close to collapse and as artists and creators continue to struggle to make ends meet we will soon go without the people that inspire us most. Now more than ever they need our support, so if you are in a position to buy at the moment.



Playful, soft, and sweet, Olivia’s brand Dauphinette is the perfect embodiment of romance. Her bags are unique, often containing vintage components as well as fun unusual design elements such as pressed flowers, stamps, and one of a kind hand painted designs.


Amelie Pichard

One of my favorite brands, I have several of Amelie’s purses on my wishlist. Aside from her great sense of design, she also has a stellar sense of humor that her brand embodies perfectly. Her line consists of easy to wear, rather simple silhouettes, that somehow still have a strong sense of character.



Considering I own at least six of their hats (and am low key wanting more), I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m obsessed with this brand. Hats aside, they make some pretty handy bags. Their totes are solid, and their smaller cross-body bags can be worn two ways making them a great option for everyday.


Rommy de Bommy

I consider all bags works of art but Rommy’s bags are truly next level. I can only describe her purses as wearable food sculptures that also happen to store your things. She posts her process on her instagram stories often and I watch every single one of them. Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is mesmerizing. I even have a custom order coming soon!



This brand is a more recent discovery of mine! Lizzie’s patchwork bags and “scraps” clutches are some of my favorite pieces, there is something about her use of pattern, texture, and color that really intrigue and excites me. If you’re looking for a colorful, fun, brand to fall in love with, look no further.


Coming Of Age

Coming Of Age makes some great no fuss but still cute totes, backpacks, and waist bags. My favorite being the ones made from their iridescent silk taffeta. These bags are easy to carry, fun to style, and mostly have zippers or magnetic closures for those who like their bags closed at the top.


For the Ages

A fresh new brand, they came onto the scene about five months ago and have become a hit here in Brooklyn. A funky take on the baguette, I love the brands 70s style palette and shape. The bag’s body is actually structured which I don’t see in baguettes too often and the flap features a magnetic closure for easy access.


Suryo Design

If you were to take the best elements of each of your grandma’s bags and combine them into one, you would get a Suryo bag, and I love it. Whether it’s a bit of sparkle crocheted into the bag or a twinkling embellishment, each of their bags has an element of fun that makes it distinct. Aside from their endearing quirkiness, I find their vintage charm to be one of their best qualities.


Respiro Studio

This brand carries a variety of hand-poured resin bags with lots of shimmer in a variety of colors. But my favorite pieces are the ones that have a unique sculptural form and a distinctive marble. Their selection doesn’t stop there though—they have styles in a glitter acrylic, tortoise, and leather. There’s truly a bag for everyone!


Francine’s Delivery


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