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March 2018

2 Mar


 SOMEWHERE SOMEBODY Somewhere I haven't been, somebody I haven't met. A journey through imaginary countries,spending time with someone, somewhere. This collection is filled with stories of a joyful world beginning from reverie   THICKER BOTTOMS BLOCK  (A/JUMPSUIT) Printed on thick fabric. Very relaxed styles. JAUNTY COAT  (A/BLUSON, B/VEST) Outerwear group of blouson, vest, and long coat with zipper. Clean-cup design with detail of ribs on the neckline and cuffs. ALT DOUBLE FACE  (C) A group with wider bias pleated material. Creating color gradation by changing transfer printing on the front and the back.       WILD LIFE  (A/DRESS) The print is inspired by patterns of animals live in hot desert climate. FLAT CIRCLE  (B/DRESS, SKIRT) A garment forms circle as flatted it. As wear it,  bias pleats make asymmetry drapes. CONSOMME KNIT ...
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