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December 2019

11 Dec

Hublot’s Latest Classic Fusion Watch

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot dropped a Classic Fusion timepiece in collaboration with late Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The watch features an array of colors in constant motion, changing and evolving with the passing of time. Mirroring other works by Cruz-Diez, the color composition reflects the artist’s interest in kinetic energy, optical forms and the liberation of color. Cruz-Diez’s work is based on the moiré effect, in which lines of contrasting color give the impression of movement. For the artist, color was “an ephemeral, autonomous and ever-evolving reality” that served as “a continuous present.” Bringing the artist’s ideas to life, the Classic Fusion’s dial is designed on two levels; the hour hand sits on the first level, while the minute hand is on the second. Each drives the...
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