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June 2020

28 Jun

Introducing Gucci Off The Grid: a Sustainably Minded Collection

Gucci is the latest designer brand to put a focus on sustainability. As consumers begin to shop more eco-friendly brands, products that don't harm the environment have become highly marketable. Like its luxury counterparts (Prada, Burberry, Stella McCartney and more), Gucci is establishing new ways of thinking when it comes to sustainability. The brand has been following a ten-year plan, committing to amplify its focus on social and environmental sustainability. This sustainable business model was announced in 2015, and Gucci has aimed to hit specific milestones by 2025 like reducing its environmental footprint and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. And now, as the brand continues to refocus its energy on bettering the environment through innovation and creativity to reinforce positive changes, Gucci has released its first-ever...
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