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6 May

5 Luxury Treehouses Are Beyond Dreamy

When you want to spend more time outdoors and take a break from everyday life, there’s nothing like being surrounded by the quiet stillness of nature under a canopy of trees. Plus, treehouse hotels, Airbnbs, private estates, and resorts happen to feature some of the coolest architecture and design around the world. 

Come here when you want to reach peak happiness. Winvian Farm has 18 lovely cottages sprinkled around the property, which sits in the Litchfield Hills. Each one is unique, boasting a different style and feel, from rustic to 18-century luxury, full-on kitsch, and country charm. Perched up in your treehouse, you’ll be surrounded by nothing but the soothings sounds of nature.

If you want a more low-key treetop experience, book your stay at this Airbnb. The panoramic window overlooks a lake with lovely Midcentury modern interiors and a spacious living area. It’s only fifteen minutes outside of Woodstock, New York, too, so you’ll be able to explore the cute downtown area while you’re here.

Right near Glacier National Park, this unique treehouse has 5 stars on Airbnb(we can see why). From the charming spiral staircase to the wrap-around balconies and chimneys, it doesn’t get any more picturesque than this. The rustic vibes reigns true inside the cabin, too, making it the ideal spot to stay in when you want a real woodsy experience.

Tucked away within Chewton Glen’s estate are 14 treehouse suites stilted high above the wooden valley of the New Forrest. The main building is a traditional English countryside home with suites and all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury hotel. Though you can come here just for a getaway, it’s known for it’s specialized couples’ wellness and detox program, the “Treetox.”

Reminiscent of something out of Disney’s Smith Family Robinson, this quaint little Airbnb treehouse is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet, unique place to stay while visiting France. This little hut overlooks a beautiful view of the countryside.

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