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21 Mar


The Jomon Period A time when people lived their lives with the wisdom and skills handed down to them from generations before, in harmony with nature.Characterized by its lightness and strength, this new collection combines a sporty feel unique to HOMMÉ PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE with an essence of the period, gathered through intensive studies of Jomon Culture and its spirit.


“Dogu” are the characteristic clay figurines representative of Jomon Culture, considered to serve as prayers for abundance, fertility and good health. These enigmatic and instantly recognizable figures have long fascinated people around the world with their artistic nature, and their wide variety of physical or facial expressions.

From among many different kinds of Dogu, the new collection chooses SYAKOKI DOGU and MIMIZUKU DOGU to translate into light and modern patterns reminiscent of pop art works, with a meticulous way of drawing and a bright color palette. “MIMIZUKU” is a refreshing group wholly deal for the spring and summer season, featuring its mesh fabric printed with the MIMIZUKU DOGU pattern.



Following the previous season, HOMMÉ PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE continues to present a series of items using natural materials including linen and wool.

“RUSTIC LINEN” has a rough texture particular to linen with bold fringing detail at the hem. “SQAURE KNIT” is linen-polyester knitwear realized with the WHOLEGARMENT technique. “COTTON LINEN-T” offers cotton-linen jersey T-shirts with their unfinished edge. All these groups have rich, earthy, rustic hues reminiscent of ancient times.






Continuously exploring making things based on Japanese traditions and cultures, HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE this season focuses on “Bashofu”, the oldest hand-woven textile of Okinawa, and “Sashiko”, a Japanese traditional embroidery technique. Okinawa’s own tones of color seen in its traditional fabrics dating back from the Ryukyu Kingdom Era such as pale brown and a yellowish shade are also realized here.




In addition to a series of previous basic models with a simple pleated design, “PLEATS DAYPACK” and “PLEATS FLAT BAG” are newly released for this season. With remarkable lightness and an outstanding sporty feel unique to HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE, they are a perfect addition to a contemporary man’s everyday life. With a wider range of options now available, the new collection offers further possibilities of daily styling to contemporary men.

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