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5 Mar


From the far reaches of Ancient Abyssinia, comes an ingredient that promises to change today’s haircare landscape for the better. Pioneering brand ABYSSIAN harnesses the benefits of African-grown Abyssinian seed oil to reinstate the everyday balance and silky shine of naturally healthy hair.

Combining the best of nature and science, ABYSSIAN’s groundbreaking formulas make the most of the proven properties of Abyssinian oil. Daily exposure to pollution, stress, heat, harsh chemicals and colourants leaves hair tired, dry and strained.Capable of reducing hair breakage by up to 93%, the naturally occurring oil works wonders on dry, damaged frizz. Unlike other oils that bloat and weigh down the hair shaft, ABYSSIAN’s cleverly balanced concoctions gently smooth cuticles, locking in essential moisture and boosting shine and manageability.

Taking us back to our roots, ABYSSIAN’s carefully selected ingredients are sourced from all four corners of the African continent. The star ingredient: Abyssinian Kale seed oil, a regenerating superfood for your hair, is harvested in the African highlands. Other more familiar ingredients include South African Jojoba for strength and moisture, North African white horehound and prickly pear for natural UV sun protection, West African shea butter and Sub-Saharan baobab oil for nourishing regeneration.

Extensive research, thought and care has gone into perfecting two product ranges for the busy contemporary lifestyle. Each of ABYSSIAN’s products has their specific purpose, but together the two ranges are intended to work in tandem to ensure a balanced haircare regime. The HYDRATE + REPAIR range promotes shine and protection, enhanced by the complimentary DETOX + BALANCE range that strips back the week’s build-up.





Life has enough tangles without you having to worry about dry, split ends. Cue the HYDRATE + REPAIR Range of daily cleansers, detanglers, masks and elixirs. Enriched with our key ingredient Abyssinian oil, the lightweight, intensely hydrating and regenerative formulas mean you can shake that glossy mane with pride.



Just like the rest of your body, your hair can benefit from the occasional cleanse and detox. The DETOX + BALANCE Range gives hair a new lease of life. Formulated to counterbalance the intensely moisturising HYDRATE + REPAIR rage, the exfoliating and recovery shampoos, combined with anti-pollution treatment mask, work hard to replenish hair after a tough week. Silicone free and packed with nourishing superfoods, this little Sunday ritual range ensures ‘weekend hair’ all week long.

ABYSSIAN doesn’t just care for your hair, but for the future too. Abyssinian crops have incredible water retention properties and require minimal water to grow. This enables local farming communities to continue to harvest, press and sell their product throughout the arid dry season.

Ethically farmed and consciously formulated, ABYSSIAN promises full transparency on all product contents. Clear of toxic parabens, phosphates and unnecessary TEA-DEA compounds, only essential ingredients are included in each balanced formula.




At ABYSSIAN, plants are fundamental to all that we do. From the communities growing, harvesting and extracting our ingredients in a sustainable way, to the heart and soul of each of our formulas. Our research has taken us to the furthest reaches of the African continent, up in to the highlands where our most valued ingredient is grown: Abyssinian kale seed. The oil extracted from this sustainable superfood crop has become our key ingredient and the inspiration for our name.Proud of our balanced formulas – we’ve got nothing to hide. Free of toxic parabens, phosphates and unnecessary TEA-DEA compounds, only essential ingredients are included in each of our products.

A favourite in salons and professional hairstylists worldwide, ABYSSIAN’s groundbreaking approach to natural haircare in available at





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