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Category: Beauty

18 Apr

Pat McGrath Is Launching a New Mothership IV Eye Palette Shades and MatteTrance lipsticks

Whether you live and die by runway beauty or just have a never-ending mood board of editorial beauty campaigns, the queen of both is undoubtedly makeup artist Pat "Mother" McGrath. Allure editors fought over her Matte Trance lipsticks (and gave one a Best of Beauty award) when they came to our office and the Mothership eye palettes were pretty much on every one of our holiday wish lists. So when we heard that Pat was releasing more of both, consider our breaths taken.     This is the fourth eye shadow palette in the Mothership series, the "Decadence" palette — it features 10 jewel-tone metallics, all of which are supremely pigmented to a near-creamy consistency and have clever names like Gold Standard, Sterling, Hedonistic, Blue Blood, Inferno,...
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15 Apr

5 Best Of Sleeping Mask

Restore and repair skin as you sleep with these nourishing overnight sleeping masks There are a wide variety of sleep masks that try to improve on the concept and some are more successful than others in delivering a quality product.    Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation. Applying it right before sleep time, the best state for the skin transmission according to the skin circadian rhythm, maximizes the efficiency of overnight water supply.   ORIGINS Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask Pod  Skin depends on water for its youthful functioning. But all day long, skin loses vital moisture and the busier you are, the more it loses. This intense moisture replacement mask with...
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8 Apr

Experience Nano Shiso Therapy at THANN Sanctuary

THANN Sanctuary steps into the next stage of innovation with a successful creation of NanoShiso Therapy. For the first time in a spa industry, THANN introduced the use of Nano Shiso particle as a major ingredient in THANN Sanctuary Signature Treatment.   Shiso is served with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat dishes. It is also prepared as a flavorful herb in a variety of dishes, including Japanese pizza (Okonomiyaki) topping. Shiso provides a strong taste whose intensity might be compared to that of mint. Shiso is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid with anti-inflammatory properties and has a prominent anti-oxidant effect. With Shiso’s valuable properties, it is widely used in medical, food,...
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2 Apr


SK-II’s Masterpiece Pitera™ collection is the brand’s most luxurious skincare collection to date. Masterfully created with the precious Youth Peach and Pitera™ in its most concentrated form, the SK-II Masterpiece Pitera™ collection helps you achieve the Pinnacle of Skin; skin that is taut, supple, and radiant.     MASTERPIECE PITERA™ COLLECTION: THE PRECIOUS INGREDIENTS  MASTERPIECE PITERA™  At the heart of SK-II’s latest Masterpiece Pitera™ collection lies the most condensed form of SK-II’s signature ingredient --Pitera™ which takes on a luxurious golden hue. More than 35 years ago, SK-II scientists discovered the unique yeast strain which Pitera™ is naturally derived from. Pitera™ is a liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work to improve the skin’s natural surface renewal process.     YOUTH...
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1 Apr


Chanel Les Beiges 2018 Summer Collection have already surfaced on Instagram. As promised yesterday when I gave you a sneak peek of the upcoming Chanel Les Beiges 2018 goodies, I’m back with more details. Check out the rest of the photos on my Instagram profile to see what else will be launching from Chanel this season. New shades of lip products and nail polishes are coming out pretty soon. Let’s get back to our theme today as I’m sure Chanel Les Beiges Collection has really got your interest. This is a collection made of simplicity and elegance where the natural look is revealed throughout luminosity, radiance and timeless beauty. The shades are wearable for any day time makeup and suitable for all skin tones.   Les...
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27 Mar

NEW! Cle de Peau Beaute Firming Serum Supreme

Cle de Peau Beaute introduces NEW! Firming Serum Supreme. The day gravity was defied. The hour a new definition took shape. The minute resilience entered a new dimension. The second the key turned. UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR RADIANCE       Time, challenged Unique 4D*-Boosting Technology. A supreme step forward in skincare. Addressing the cumulative effects of gravity – volume visibly re-amplified, contours redefined. Noticeably smoothed, toned skin on a 3D plane. The fourth dimension, skin tightened with a micro-thin layer. Surface appearance refined, firmness restored. *4D (four-dimensional) signifies a new dimension beyond 3D (three-dimensional) that enables a clearly defined and sculpted appearance through conditioning of the skin’s surface for the realization of visible firmness. Youthful tone, captured A 4D* serum, the first Clé de Peau...
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25 Mar

The ROUGE COCO motto: Freedom. Creativity. Personality.

A line that encourages spontaneity and writes its own rules.A lipstick series that invites you to express yourself, invent yourself and tell your own story. Now, right away and always. Again and again. A beauty game with only one rule: be daring! Perfectly balanced, the ROUGE COCO shades are always desirable, never intimidating. The different textures ensure impromptu application and allow you to try every possibility. Instinctively, intuitively, immediately. With 18 shades dreamed up by Lucia Pica, including a new product, ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH, available in 6 shades, ROUGE COCO breathes new life into all looks. ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH The ultimate addition to the ROUGE COCO range, ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH is a new HD burst of color and hydration for...
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22 Mar


In 2018, ALLURE HOMME SPORT Eau de Toilette is available in a 300ml bottle and ALLURE HOMME SPORT Cologne can be enjoyed as a refillable travel spray.   ALLURE HOMME SPORT EAU DE TOILETTE 300ML ALLURE HOMME SPORT Eau de Toilette is a composition that teams freshness and sensuality. The sparkling freshness of Italian mandarin, heightened by a crystal-clear accord, blends into the clean, intense notes of cedar. Sensual Venezuelan Tonka bean is combined with the enveloping notes of white musks to produce a deep and intense trail. 300ml bottle     ALLURE HOMME SPORT COLOGNE TRAVEL SPRAY A genuine breath of energy, ALLURE HOMME SPORT Cologne teams the freshness of a Cologne with the persistence of an eau de toilette. It delivers invigorating freshness around an explosion...
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21 Mar

THREE: NEW Holistic Care Line ‘THREE’

THREE’s new line is designed for such delicate skin. Formulated with essential oils and various other botanical ingredients that offer multiple benefits, it takes a holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin and restores the skin’s natural defense mechanism by regulating the balance that has been disrupted by modern-day living.   Without the strength to defend itself, the skin cannot reveal its true beauty. Bringing unyielding beauty by restoring balance to the mind, body and skin. It all starts with THREE, providing the strength and beauty to turn away everyday stressors.   THREE’s exclusive blend of signature essential oils, Laurel leaf oil and Frankincense oil. With these two key essential oils as the base, a few additional essential oils are added to enhance the feature...
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19 Mar

Marc Jacobs Beauty Cream and Sugar Collection

Envelop your lips with cream and sugar , marc’s delicious creamy peach-rose nude. line and shape with (p) outliner longwear lip pencil, layer long-lasting le marc lip crème, then, top with sheer, shimmering enamored hi-shine lip lacquer. lips never looked so sweet. The inspiration the next generation of the cult favorite, sugar sugar .  (p)outliner longwear lip pencil in cream & sugar (sgd35) this longwear, gel-based liner is collagen infused to help fill in lines, and shape and define lips. Le marc lip crème lipstick in cream & sug ar (sgd44) marc’s revolutionary 10-hour lipstick covers your lips with buttery, creamy vibrant pigment with one pigment-saturated swipe.   Enamored hi-shine lip lacquer in cream & sugar (sgd42) this mint-scented gloss is formulated with...
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