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23 Sep

Chanel unveils Boy de Chanel, a new makeup line for men

Chanel is launching a whole makeup line and it’s specially catered for men. While it’s no surprise to see men in makeup anymore (and doing it so well), to first hear about a collection dedicated to the gents is a whole different ball game for the beauty industry.

The collection is named after Boy Capel, the lover and muse of Gabrielle Chanel. Just like how Gabrielle Chanel borrows elements from men’s wardrobes to dress women, Chanel draws inspiration from the women’s world to conceive these new makeup products — a new personal aesthetic for men. The new makeup line comes in the same sleek design as the women’s but in a midnight blue shade.

Le Teint is the tinted foundation in Boy de Chanel collection, which comes in four shades. It is infused with hyaluronic acid that allows the foundation to stay comfortable and matte on the skin all day long with a rating of SPF 25 for sun protection.

As for the lips — there is a matte lip balm, unlike those that are often in a glossy finish. Le Baume Lèvres protects, softens, restores comfort, mattifies and hydrates for eight hours. The final product in the line, Le Stylo Sourcils contains a combination of natural flexible waxes and emollient oils that make application fluid and instinctive. The eyebrow pencil comes in four shades, each lasting up to eight hours and they are waterproof.

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