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18 Oct

Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif


Clé de Peau was introduced Synactif skincare system, everything begins here, not dyed with any colour. Infinite possibilities crystallise “purification,” harbouring an eternal longing for a beauty that has not yet been seen.
Amazing products purification of skin begins deeply, yet gently with the facial cleansing soap. The lotion delivers extraordinary clarity to skin while two distinctive moisturisers take skin from morning to night, responding to changing rhythms throughout the day. A more concentrated cream beautifully refines facial contours. Each formulation address key needs of the skin and harmonises with the scientific advancements of this collection to create a perfect symphony of care.
A delicate mauve large flower with frilly blooms and an unparalleled fragrance. Rose Synactif. Created by the distinguished Delbard Nursery, it won First Prize and Best Fragrance Award in the world’s most prestigious international roses contest of Paris-Bagatelle. Each “Synactif” item has just the right nuance of this elegant aroma, reverberatings through the senses to awaken the skin’s hidden beauty.

Synactif Soap, USD 100
A luxurious facial cleansing soap that effectively removes impurities from pores and lifts away makeup and dullness to reveal exceptionally purified, radiant skin filled with translucence and suppleness.

Synactif Softening Lotion, USD 150
A water-light moisturising lotion that brings out the natural radiance, rosiness, and translucence of skin to inspire a complexion that is visibly vibrant.

Synactif Day Moisturiser, USD 200

A daytime moisturiser that protects skin from harmful environmental factors and enhances the natural ability of skin to reveal the luminosity, resilience and beauty that emanates from within.

Synactif Night Moisturiser, USD 275

A nighttime serum that promotes a moist, supple complexion with captivating smoothness. Inspires a velvety texture that is visibly beautiful and luxurious to the touch.

Synactif Cream, USD 1,000
A luxurious cream that inspires smooth, firm, resilient skin that is glowing with energy and beauty.Transforms the look of facial contours.

Synactif Eye Care Ritual, USD 500
An ultra luxurious six week eye care ritual with eye cream and accompanying eye mask that purifies skin for a dramatically lifted look and exquisitely defined contours.

Rose Synactif Eau de Parfum, USD 300
A subtle sophisticated fragrance that gently touches your body and mind. Delightful and enduring, this exquisite perfume evokes ultimate beauty as luxurious elements become one with skin.

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