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8 Apr

Experience Nano Shiso Therapy at THANN Sanctuary

THANN Sanctuary steps into the next stage of innovation with a successful creation of NanoShiso Therapy. For the first time in a spa industry, THANN introduced the use of Nano Shiso particle as a major ingredient in THANN Sanctuary Signature Treatment.


Shiso is served with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat dishes. It is also prepared as a flavorful herb in a variety of dishes, including Japanese pizza (Okonomiyaki) topping.

Shiso provides a strong taste whose intensity might be compared to that of mint. Shiso is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid with anti-inflammatory properties and has a prominent anti-oxidant effect. With Shiso’s valuable properties, it is widely used in medical, food, and cosmetic industries worldwide. For examples, in food industry, Shiso is utilized to preserve and sterilize food. In cosmetic industry, Shiso is applied to prevent skin from pre-mature aging.



Nano Shiso Therapy starts with a consultation from our experienced therapist to suggest the most suitable treatment for your needs. For examples, Ayurvedic Massage – a 60 minutes light/medium/or firm massage is based on traditional Indian Ayurvedic concepts which utilize friction, kneading, rubbing and marma (vital energy points) massage to help bring the body to its natural state. THANN Aroma Massage – a light to medium pressure massage combines the healing properties of essential oils and nourishing Rice Bran Oil & Nano Shiso particles to help lift your spirit, soothe your mind, and relax your body. This very soothing treatment will still have its effect for a few days whilst the oil is allowed to deeply penetrate the skin for a few hours.



The treatment is followed by a relaxing Lymphatic Facial Massage to aid in detoxification and finished by a Nano Shiso Moisturizing Mask to protect and moisturize facial skin. Our mask is customized by adding three special ingredients for three different skin types to bring your skin back to balance: Mushroom Extract (Polyporus Officinalis) for oily skin; Inca Omega Oil for dry skin; and Moringa Seed Extract for normal skin.

Experience your skin at its finest, with refined and brightened results from natural treasures at THANN Sanctuary, Gaysorn Plaza 3rd floor Tel. 0 2656 1423 / The Emporium 5th floor, Tel. 02664 9924 /THANN Sukhumvit 47 Road, Tel 0 2011 7104 or Online booking at

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