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12 Jul

Explore the artistic side at the one and only lifestyle photo gallery “YellowKorner”

Astronaut Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot for the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission, holds a Special Environmental Sample Container filled with lunar soil collected during the extravehicular activity (EVA) in which Astronauts Charles Conrad Jr., commander, and Bean participated. Connrad, who took this picture, is reflected in the helmet visor of the lunar module pilot.



The best seller ranges from ‘ALAN BEAN – APOLO 12’ taken by Pete Conrad, a former NASA astronaut who found out his hidden passion toward photography, leaving behind collections for generations to explore the greatness of the universe. ‘Taking a break’ by Mark Olich, relays the behind-the-scene story of a ballerina, presenting his works that completely set apart by his virtuosity, passion, and talent. Take a minute to appreciate the Mother Nature with ‘Le Mobile by Alastair Magnaldo’, congregating preteen as a representation of nonjudgmental mentality and undisputable sincerity, while implying youth as the age of beginning. Alastair is one of many photographers breaking traditional photographing rules to create his own unique style which later recognized worldwide. Find out more items at the store.

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