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30 Nov


An extreme enthusiasm or desire; an obsession for FENDIใ Are you ready to get obsessed with the FENDI MANIA Collection? Vivid colors and patterns lit-up the new Capsule Collection by FENDI, famed by its cool ‘FENDI/FILA’ logo created by Instagram artist @hey_reilly and re-appropriated by the House across Ready-To-Wear and Accessories.

Fulfilled with a street-cool vibe echoing music and sport references, FENDI MANIA embodies the creative and ironic FENDI soul. All over logo patterns, juxtaposed stars giving a western feel, wonder-woman inspired panties and cowboy boots for women and then T-shirts, parkas, jackets, trousers, jeans and sneakers for man with genderless accessories ranging from backpacks to pouches.

When the FENDI street-inspired attitude meets the brand’s unique craftsmanship, then a new obsession is ready to be viral!

#FendiMania #fisforfendi



F IS FOR… FENDI is a new communication platform made by Millennials for Millennials to share contents and experiences relevant for this generation and to convey the FENDI DNA in a very authentic way.
FREAKS – It explains the concept behind F IS FOR… FENDI. Users can access its vision and read its full manifesto meant to be authentic.

FULGORE – It is based on fashion editorials. Users can explore a new vision of contemporary fashion. All the editorials have a link with Rome to reinforce FENDI legitimacy to this city. All the models are Millennials. All the looks are mix and match between the newest collections and vintage FENDI pieces. All shootings are shot by iPhone.

FACES – It’s about people. The F IS FOR… FENDI community. Under this universe, users can know more about all those people we believe in. Those people who have something worth to say and inspire.

FREEDOM – Under this universe, users can discover all the best places to go in the world. Clubs, bars, restaurants, but not the most rated ones, not the 5*, yet special places, unconventional ones, where to have fun and share unforgettable experiences.

FEARLESS – It is about curators. Users can access music, art and culture contents. Upcoming and renowned artists can access Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, FENDI HQ, to live-perform on its rooftop. It is a unique location, yet very representative for FENDI, from which talents can see the overall city of Rome. They bring their own values and art to Rome and vice versa. A bi-univocal exchange of positive energies.

Masterminded by Cristiana Monfardini, VP of Communication at FENDI, F IS FOR…FENDI is conceived to create and share experiences both online and offline with upcoming and renowned artist from all over the world performing back-to-back in a high-tech scenario.

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