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9 May

Fresh and Floral Candles

Spring brings daffodils, blue skies, and warm weather that we want nothing more than to bask in. Things only seem to get better during the springtime — the mood is lighter, the air is sweeter, and it feels like there are endless possibilities for fresh starts. With some of the coolest makeup trends (sunflower nails, we mean you) and the hottest styles we’ve seen in months, it’s crazy to think that Spring could bless us with more, but lo and behold, it did.

Let us introduce you to the best Spring candles on the market. With intoxicatingly perfect floral scents and gorgeous packaging, we wouldn’t be surprised if we spent more money on these candles than on springtime bouquets. It’s safe to say that these candles are basically a Spring day in candle form. They also make great Mother’s Day gifts, so we may need to buy two of each. Let these brighten up your season and fill your home with rich scents that you’ll be dreaming about long after the last flower has bloomed.

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