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25 May

Giorgio Armani channels Indian inspirations with new haute-couture fragrance duo

The Armani Privé Haute Couture fragrance line is adding to its Collection des Terres Précieuses with two new scents inspired by India. Called Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli, each scent captures a different facet of the country and is inspired by its signature colour, blue.

After paying homage to Russia with Vert Malachite and Rouge Malachite, the Italian luxury label is celebrating the natural splendor of India. These two new couture fragrances are steeped in the culture, the history and the aromas of the country, which has inspired Giorgio Armani’s fashion many times over.

Blue is one of the symbolic colours of India, notably giving rise to the name Indigo. This colour, and, more specifically, two precious blue stones—turquoise and lapis lazuli—have been a key source of inspiration for this latest fragrance duo. The first evokes the meeting between sea and sky, while the second symbolizes the immensity of the universe. Both are peppered with aromas of incense and spices.

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