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4 Nov

Guerlain Goldenland Collection for Holiday 2019

The house of Guerlain is gearing up to launch its Holiday collection, sprinkled with gold, and made in an imaginary place called the Goldenland. Gold, the ultimate festive color, is the most dominant shade in this rather small, luxurious makeup range, which also arrives in golden compacts and cases.


The central piece is the Guerlain Goldenland Palette, which is a limited edition palette with 10 matte, metallic, and iridescent shade. The color harmony that includes golds, warm browns, and neutral shades, is perfect both as a transitional palette and for painting your most glamorous holiday looks. The $80 palette arrives in a gold-colored case with a black interior, equipped with two dual-ended brushes and a mirror.


Guerlain’s iconic Meteorites Pearls are now Goldenland Pearls, delivered in a special, reusable golden case that may also be used as a jewelry box. There are four types of Goldenland Pearls: rose gold and soft copper pearls to provide radiance, a blush wine shade to enhance the complexion, and white pearls to reflect the light. Goldenland Pearls are $65.00.


Guerlain Goldenland Bronzing Powder is a limited edition Terracotta highlighter for Holiday 2019. Designed to keep your skin appear sunkissed all year long, it melts on application and provides a luminous makeup result. Presented in a gold colored reusable case, the Goldenland Bronzing Powder comes with a price tag of $59.00.


The range also includes three Goldenland Rouge G Lipsticks in luxurious, limited edition cases with incorporated mirror. There are three new shades for Holiday 2019:

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