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25 Aug


Since launching in 2000, innisfree has been devoted to creating a greener, eco-friendly beauty brand by focusing its efforts on key initiatives that includes recycling, reusing and composting materials and the development of sustainable packaging for its range of limited-edition products.

innisfree launches green tea serum new paper edition bottle

As part of the Korean-beauty brand’s mission to reduce plastic usage by 2030 and increase recyclability of all-product packaging, innisfree’s global, best-selling Green Tea Intensive Hydrating Serum has received an eco-friendly makeover. It comes in the form of its first-ever Paper Edition bottle that is now available in a limited-edition, jumbo size. This innovative, Paper Edition bottle is composed of a unique outer paper mold with an inner plastic container that uses 51.8% less plastic than the original packaging and features a pump made out of 10% recycled polypropylene.

innisfree launches green tea serum new paper edition bottle

While the exterior of the cult-classic product has been given an update, this lightweight and nourishing serum is still formulated with hydrating Beauty Green Tea that’s loaded with amino acids and antioxidants. The ingredients help to maintain the skin’s delicate balance and retain moisture longer for a soft, glowing complexion. In order to develop the brand’s proprietary Beauty Green Tea, the innisfree team spent ten years dedicated to researching and cultivating a green tea breed that provides the most optimal level of moisture for the skin. Today, the revolutionary breed is still organically grown on the brand’s Green Tea farm on Jeju island and chosen for its specific skincare benefits from 3,301 Green Tea varieties.


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