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3 Jun

KILLAWATT FOIL Freestyle Highlighter Duo

A weightless, long-wear cream-powder hybrid highlighter duo with a hyper-metallic finish, born in a colorful range of rule-defying shades to make all skin tones pop.
Just when you thought Killawatt couldn’t get better, Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo enters the game with the same creamy texture of the original in a new, mega-reflective, foil-like finish. With intense metallic edge, these buildable, color-rich luminizers come in rule-defying shades that look equally killer on all skin tones. When it comes to choosing a shade, there’s no wrong answer.

Killawatt Foil revs up your highlight with its intense sheen, and thanks to its vibrant shade lineup, you get the perfect pops of chrome color for face, eyes, collarbone—literally anywhere you crave a touch of light. Like the bestselling Killawatt you know and love, Killawatt Foil keeps skin lit beyond sundown with its weightless, long-wear formula—a cream-powder hybrid that instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort. Another win: It’s loaded with extra-fine, ultra-smooth shimmer to make all your hyper-metallic gleams come true.

Killawatt Freestyle Foil Highlighter Duo in Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset

Weightless. Long-wearing. Those qualities haven’t changed regarding the Killawatts. However, this version comes in a new, mega-reflective, and foil-like finish. It’s all about the buildable, metallic sheen. These are basically lid luminizers designed for all skin tones and that add pops of chrome color — on the face, eyes, cheeks, collarbone, wherever. It’s named “Freestyle” for a reason — you can use it as you wish and without rules.


Killawatt Freestyle Foil Highlighter Duo in 7DayWknd + Poolside

How does Rihanna use these Killawatts? “I’ve never been afraid of a little color and I love highlighting with these. I like to layer the colors and blend from my cheeks to my eyes to my temples,” she said. There’s your trade secret!

Killawatt Freestyle Foil Highlighter Duo in Sand Castle + Mint’d Mojito

According to the brand, you can sweep the Killawatt Foils across tops of cheeks — from the brow bone to the temple and then up from temple, extending above the brow arch. Blend shades together along the temple for dat sun-soaked glow.

Does Sangria Sunset look familiar? Rihanna debuted the magenta shade at the 2017 Met Gala.

FENTY BEAUTY is 100 percent cruelty-free.

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