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5 Jun

La Boutique “ROSE BLANCHE” Pre-fall Collection 2018

“A beautiful woman is like a beautiful rose … vary and gradated according to the environment and time, but finally, it’s still a rose. The phrase said by Madam De Bara while she gave the roses to Louis IV king of France before he asked about the progress of building the“Rockwork Grove” in Versailles Palace. This is a scene from a romance movie “a little chaos” that tells the story back to 1682. Period of prosperity of the French royal family.

The beginning of Construction of the Palace of Versailles, Beauty of rococo art featured with unified design. Delicate and graceful are the reminiscent of the decorations of the rooms in the palaces.  Aristocratic young women compete each other by dressed up with elegant clothes. Fitting frame set show off delicate shape and beautiful chest which strap by closet. Layered lace overlap layer by layer down to trail. Beautiful and fashion style of the late 16th century. However, it just a part of the component of this film, because the main focus of the film is the story of Madame de Bara, landscape designer who had different view of beauty from the pattern of popularity in that era. Both styles of work, dress and attitude towards human beings. This is the reason why she had the great opportunity to take this role. She designed and gardening Rockwork Grove, which is a part of the great palace of Versailles. Among obstacles, the strict rules of the royal court, the enemy who hiding around. She dedicated all of her abilities and self-determination to prove that her works can win the mind of the great king.

This is a new inspiration for La Boutique, inviting all ladies to indulge in a new collection of pre-fall collections 2018 which refer to the great phrase of Madame de Barra that said at the beginning. Bringing the meaning of the phrase to interpret into La boutique’s girls. Timeless, beauty of women is always remarkable with the style of dressing which create the different character of each woman with the clothes which using special technique, full of gimmicks and meticulously selected material integrate with romance of Rococo art.

        The distinctive charm of this collection is delicate of the shape will be convey by sewing techniques that emphasize the shape of the wearer. And roses print patterns by using special layout techniques style Rococo Art.

So La Boutique’s new season, besides, reflecting the new dimension of clothing, design and function it’s also combine with lifestyle, to find the inspiration from the past and absorb the art from them and bring to the new look and classic timeless.



                To told, the story of the beautiful roses as the beauty of women through the colors level of collection from the bright tone. The view that communicated the most beautiful colors like pink rose, off white, cream, blue welkin blue to view another part of beautiful rose, which gradually changed as the time. The colors which used to be fresh and bright becomes back to look dark which gave different feeling. Both scary and interesting at the same time like colors of peanut brown, navy, black, gray with purple colors.


Silhouette & Technique

                Frame set which show the shape of women who wear, wide collar and cutting line show the skin of shoulder and neck, which were the definition of good taste with sexy style. The overlap of layer lace which made from mesh fabric to be random skirts, to create the volume and the elegance clear line which reflected the character of high society french’s lady in Rococo age with the new modern looks of material such as velvet ribbon and the work piece which used tailor sewing techniques such as jacket and dress coat to create the unique frame set and merge handmade technique and lacing gems to create shape of the butterfly and the roses which was one of La boutique’s signature.

This collection also presents new looks such as street item varsity jacket and band waist sweater, add the new sport looks which fun and more interesting. Also increasing the specialty of work piece by lacing the rose striped on velvet to increase the feminine for sport’s look of La boutique’s lady.



                Luxury, elegance and romance these are the heart of the material in this collection of Pre – Fall 2018, as the key bring to the classic look of contemporary, but also have aesthetic of the old days, the fabric which give sense of luxury such as , velvet, silk, satin, fabric that provides lightweight features of youthfulness, are mesh and chiffon and combined with forever classic materials, as neoprene print and lace Rose fabric.


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