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27 Oct

Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial

On Wednesday, Microsoft has unveiled Surface Studio and Surface Dial. Surface Studio is a new class of device that transforms from a workstation into a powerful digital canvas works beautifully with pen, touch and Surface Dial.

Surface Studio

Surface Studio is a new class of device designed for how people naturally create and bring ideas to life. The 28-inch PixelSense Display immerses the user in 13.5 million pixels of pure, true-to-life colour, and the Zero Gravity Hinge allows the screen to effortlessly adjust to each stage of the creative process. When the screen transitions from Desktop Mode to Studio Mode, it sits at a 20-degree angle, the same angle as a standard drafting board, making it ideal for sketching, writing and designing.
The 6th Generation Intel Core processors accelerated by a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GPU deliver smooth and immersive graphics performance and the power to run professional programs such as Siemens’ NX software, taking people through their workflow from end to end. Now architects can sketch their ideas with the Surface Pen, put them into production using powerful 3-D modelling software, and review and mark up plans with a client, all on one device.

Surface Dial
Surface Dial is a new peripheral designed for the creative process. It integrates with Windows 10 to work with Surface for a faster and more intuitive way to scroll, zoom and navigate. The Dial also enables a set of unique experiences exclusive to Surface Studio. When you place the Dial directly on the screen, it brings up a set of digital tools specific to the app that is open, allowing people to more seamlessly move through their workflow. For example, with Surface Dial, artists can change the colour or the size of their brush tip as they paint without ever moving the pen away from the screen. The combination of Dial, pen and touch creates a more immersive and tactile way for people to create in digital environments. Partners like BlueBeam Inc., Drawboard, Mental Canvas, Siemens PLM Software, Silicon Benders, Smith Micro Software, Inc. and StaffPad have already optimised their software to take advantage of the new experiences Surface Dial provides.

Surface Studio available for USD 2,999, USD 3,499 and USD 4,199. Surface Dial available for USD 99. Both is available for pre-order today in the U.S. through Microsoft Stores and

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