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27 Mar

NEW! Cle de Peau Beaute Firming Serum Supreme

Cle de Peau Beaute introduces NEW! Firming Serum Supreme. The day gravity was defied. The hour a new definition took shape. The minute resilience entered a new dimension. The second the key turned. UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR RADIANCE




Time, challenged Unique 4D*-Boosting Technology. A supreme step forward in skincare. Addressing the cumulative effects of gravity – volume visibly re-amplified, contours redefined. Noticeably smoothed, toned skin on a 3D plane. The fourth dimension, skin tightened with a micro-thin layer. Surface appearance refined, firmness restored. *4D (four-dimensional) signifies a new dimension beyond 3D (three-dimensional) that enables a clearly defined and sculpted appearance through conditioning of the skin’s surface for the realization of visible firmness.

Youthful tone, captured A 4D* serum, the first Clé de Peau Beauté product of its kind. Inspired by research into skin density. The characteristics of a youthful appearance, isolated. Breakthrough knowledge, distilled. Noticeable smoothness. A sense of volume, coming from beneath the surface. Results felt from the first use, reinforced over time.

Luxurious texture, synthesized Firming Serum Supreme spreads effortlessly, absorbs quickly. Its silky texture merging in an instant with skin, targeting the areas of application. Skin primed for the next step.


Breakthrough ingredients

Illuminating Complex EX Exclusive to Clé de Peau Beauté. Platinum Golden Silk Essence, Japanese Pearl and Theanine combine to moisturize and retexturize. Normalizes communication within skin.**  Reduces the visible effects of environmental stress.

Glow Fortifier RX  Hydroxyproline, Chai Hu Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract, Hydrolyzed Elastin,  and Inositol. Combining to support skin’s regenerative reflex and help increase suppleness. Specialized optical enhancers also help promote the appearance of firmness.**

Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract helps to firm the skin and helps to promote increased suppleness.**

Licorice Root Extract, Shown to help support skin firmness in a research study by Clé de Peau Beauté scientists spanning more than 10 years.**

Raspberry Extract, Provides fortifying benefits to skin and helps to protect against loss of well-defined facial contours.**

**in vitro test


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