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18 Apr

Pat McGrath Is Launching a New Mothership IV Eye Palette Shades and MatteTrance lipsticks

Whether you live and die by runway beauty or just have a never-ending mood board of editorial beauty campaigns, the queen of both is undoubtedly makeup artist Pat “Mother” McGrath. Allure editors fought over her Matte Trance lipsticks (and gave one a Best of Beauty award) when they came to our office and the Mothership eye palettes were pretty much on every one of our holiday wish lists. So when we heard that Pat was releasing more of both, consider our breaths taken.



This is the fourth eye shadow palette in the Mothership series, the “Decadence” palette — it features 10 jewel-tone metallics, all of which are supremely pigmented to a near-creamy consistency and have clever names like Gold Standard, Sterling, Hedonistic, Blue Blood, Inferno, Sinful, Enigma, Divine Mink, Lapis Luxury, and Underworld.




But that’s not all, babies. Pat also released 11 new shades of her MatteTrance lipsticks. It’s like Christmas all over again (but lipstick Christmas, which is arguably better than regular Christmas on account of its non-denominational status). In case you were sleeping when the MatteTrance lipsticks first launched — this formula is the most sumptuous velvety-looking lip color you can find in bullet, seriously. Their opacity and creaminess are unmatched. And now there are 11 more shades to lose your head over: Peep Show, Polaroid Pink, Candy Flip, Femme Bot, Faux Pas, Full Blooded, Vendetta, Venus in Furs, Divine Brown, and Soft Core. McGrath says these shades are inspired by “the lavishness, opulence, and decadence of the past three decades of couture shows in her archive.

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