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3 Oct

Selena Gomez, First Celebrity with 100 Million Followers


Selena Marie Gomez, 23-year-old, American actress and singer, who became the world’s first celebrity to reach 100 million followers on Instagram. Gomez as the reigning the queen of Instagram with more than 5.6 million likes Instagram since July and make her photo became the world’s most like on Instagram, and Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram since July with 89.2 million followers and now she hit a new record with 100 million followers but Gomez taking a break from social media hasn’t posted anything since August and brake from public life because of lupus side effects include anxiety and depression.
Top 5 most celebrity with followers on Instagram
1. @SelenaGomez / 100 Million
2. @TaylorSwift / 91.6 Million
3. @Beyonce with / 85.5 Million
4. @ArianaGrande / 85.3 Million
5. @KimKardashian / 83.9 Million


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