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4 Oct

SHINee is Back !


SHINee, Korean boy-band has unveiled their upcoming 5th full album “1of1” for over 3 years from their latest album “ SHINee’s One Fine Day” in 2013. SHINee released teaser images via official Instagram accounts @SHINee.1 to the comeback teaser image. Five members of the group are dressed in ‘90s style, wearing denim with layering of different tops. SM Entertainment has given a bit of insight on SHINee’s, which will share the title of the 1of1 album, is a song of the new jack swing genre that has a “funky rhythm” and “soft R&B melody”, along with a “retro feeling”, bringing out SHINee’s signature funk combined with a soft sound. The 1of1 album will be released on 5th October, stay tuned for more updates on SHINee’s comeback.

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