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25 Oct

Balenciaga – SPRING 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

The project came together when he met digital artist Jon Rafman at Art Basel. Rafman was on hand to talk about the creation of the immersive experience. It had the audience so stunned that people were transfixed in their seats for a good few seconds after it ended, trying to process what they’d just seen. “My work explores new technologies and how our society, our consciousness, our interrelationships have changed,” Rafman said. He and Gvasalia collaborated at a distance, with full creative freedom given to the artist. “It was a marriage of kindred spirits,” Rafman added. Well, being in that tunnel, you couldn’t help but feel you were present. Dealing with focusing on the present, with all the roiling complexities, dissonances,...
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1 Apr


The study of the inherent possibilities of recognizable products and objects is the design impulse behind the Spring Summer 18 collection.   In this collection, self-alterable silhouettes have been created through the draping of necklines in which two garments are fused. Options for wearing one or the other component arise in this 'dual' series: a trench coat with a jean jacket, a nightdress with a leopard spot dressing gown, a utility coat with a biker gilet, a shirt with a long sleeve t-shirt, amongst many variables. Pants, inspired by modular tracksuits, are also interchangeable.     Further transferences from extant culture are observed in the use of store awnings transformed into trousers and fringed sun umbrellas turned into skirts, screen-saver prints, newspaper...
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