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22 Mar

Nature’s Allure by CANITT

  Telling the story of spring-summer 2018 through floral line frame and pattern to portray the delicacy sweetness of a modern days women. Inspired by drawings of a famous impressionist Claude Monet. Showed the beauty sweet colourful scenery of blossoming flowers in the garden during summer.    This mesmerizing scene has become the inspiration of this latest collection Nature’s Allure that the designer intended to bring out the natural beauty of every women and adding in charismatic sexiness through the clothing they are wearing. Claude Monet dedicated his whole life to admired the beauty of nature scenery light and shadow expressing it through her brush stroke. The contrast hue selection that blends together to create picture of nature changing through time especially the various kinds of flowers. Khanidtha Daroonnate the creative director of Canitt brand...
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