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7 Aug


Is there an item out there that you are dying to get your hands on, but it is absolutely impossible? Well, impossible for anyone but Gabriel Waller, that is. Having built her personal brand through Instagram the luxury personal shopper has become a go-to for some of the industry’s biggest names, and to Gabriel, no item is too hard to find.   Bottega Veneta‘s must-have accessories, Dior‘s Saddle Bags and Chanel‘s logo sandals are only a few of the most sought after items that Gabriel Waller manages to whip out on a whim, and because of her speed and accuracy, her Instagram account has amassed 50K followers and created an even more loyal base of clients. Through ambition and hard work, Waller has managed to build a...
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19 Dec


Chanel has updated its hit perfume, Chance, in the form of fragrance pencils and hair oil. The fragrance pencils provide a scented on-the-go boost, while the jojoba-enriched hair oil teams perfume with haircare. The fragrance pencils will be released in a set of four — Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche, Chance Eau Tendre and Chance Eau Vive — and resemble chubby eyeliner sticks. A retractable tip makes application a breeze. The hair oil, meanwhile, arrives in one iteration of the perfume, Chance Eau Tendre, an eau de toilette. Chanel’s Chance Fragrance Pencils and Hair Oil retail for approximately $107 and $60 USD respectively. Both products will be available in-store starting January 1, 2020....
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22 Oct

A Very Different Chanel for Spring 2020

This collection was far more demure than what we’ve come to expect from runway shows and the over-the-top settings and themes Lagerfeld seamlessly presented season after season. Every item may not have been ideal for everyday wear, but there was a strong cohesion and playfulness that helped create some of the most memorable bags that quickly turned into collectors items. Viard has big shoes to fill as she discovers her own essence at Chanel, but if this collection is a look at what to expect, it will be far different from Lagerfeld. A few classics were spotted with tonal metal hardware matching the bright blue and green leather. As for new designs, there was a cylindrical wristlet with a cursive Chanel...
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8 Jun

7 Chanel’s Ancient Egypt-Inspired Métiers d’Art

Chanel presented it's 2019 Métiers d’Art collection at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Métiers d'Art collection takes the place of pre-fall for the brand, and they are arguably one of the best displays of the details and craftsmanship that go into Chanel's bags and accessories.  Chanel Small Boy Bag ($5,100) Chanel Large Backpack ($5,500) Chanel Pyramid Bag ($3,600) Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo ($4,600) Chanel Waist Bag (5,00) Chanel Clutch ($5,900)...
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6 Mar

Chanel’Bags Fall/Winter 2019

If Cara Delevingne's strong lead on the Chanel runway and Penélope Cruz's modeling debutwere not enough to impress you, feast your eyes on the last round of accessories Karl Lagerfeld designed for the fashion house.   In most cases, Karl's bags, shoes, and jewelry follow the theme of the season, which, in this case, is a Winter wonderland. While Chanel seems to be suggesting that clutches are the bag silhouette of the season, Karl also crafted incredibly delicate minaudières in the shape of ski gondolas, complete with a signature logo embellishment. If you love the wintry weather, there are plenty of pearl earrings and brooches — even statement necklaces! — shaped like snowflakes, and the chain-link-lined or grommet-studded bandanas will satisfy the edgier set, or those still very...
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13 Feb


ROUGE COCO FLASH, the new lipstick by CHANEL, unites a vibrant flash of color and shine with extreme comfort. No waiting. No effort. No compromises. FLASH APPLICATION With ROUGE COCO FLASH, finding your lipstick shade has never been easier. In a glance, its transparent shimmering golden cap reveals the color inside. In a flash, the stick dresses lips in dazzling radiance. The countdown has begun. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ! 5 - LIPSTICK GLIDES OVER LIPS. 4 - COLOR POPS. 3 - SHINE DAZZLES. 2 - COMFORT SETS IN. 1 - YOUR SMILE LIGHTS UP. THE COLOR Developed by Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, each of the 27 ROUGE COCO FLASH shades incites intense, immediate and irresistible desire! Packed with pigments, this new lipstick...
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23 Sep

Chanel unveils Boy de Chanel, a new makeup line for men

Chanel is launching a whole makeup line and it’s specially catered for men. While it’s no surprise to see men in makeup anymore (and doing it so well), to first hear about a collection dedicated to the gents is a whole different ball game for the beauty industry. The collection is named after Boy Capel, the lover and muse of Gabrielle Chanel. Just like how Gabrielle Chanel borrows elements from men’s wardrobes to dress women, Chanel draws inspiration from the women’s world to conceive these new makeup products — a new personal aesthetic for men. The new makeup line comes in the same sleek design as the women’s but in a midnight blue shade. Le Teint is the tinted foundation in Boy de Chanel collection,...
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13 Jun

GASPARD ULLIEL About the BLEU DE CHANEL Parfum advertising campaign

For the third time, Gaspard Ulliel is reprising his role as the BLEU DE CHANEL man. After Martin Scorsese and James Gray, the French actor now steps before the camera of Steve McQueen. Following the same theme of desire for freedom that was initiated in the first campaign, here he portrays a man who has matured, who seems more serene, on a quest for inner peace.     “This new facet is what appealed to me,” explains Gaspard Ulliel. “I like the way this man has evolved, it’s almost as if we grew at the same pace. He is constantly looking to break with convention and the diktats of society. He scoffs at prejudices and is happy with who he is, but his approach is...
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6 May

Chanel N°5 L’Eau All-Over Spray and On Hand Cream Campaign

"You Know Me And You Don’t" digital campaign with a film portraying a dance of paradoxical movements. With these new ways to wear fragrance, N°5 is always in motion, featuring a different gesture, sensation and intensity with each product.     Directed by the talented Jacob Sutton and orchestrated by choreographer Dimitri Chamblas, the film presents each shot like a photograph, keeping the movement alive by capturing it in the moment. It portrays a “dual” woman who expresses her different moods through a cathartic dance: a sensual and powerful dance to represent the cream, versus a light and airy dance to represent the mist. The tension gradually builds until the final moment when the two women become one and the same person, two facets of one personality.     The split-screen film...
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29 Apr

Chanel Métiers d’art Paris-Hamburg 2018

Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Hamburg and the Elbphilharmonie to present the new CHANEL Métiers d’art collection.  An extraordinary building conceived by the architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, this concert hall sits majestically by the river like a futuristic liaison with the city’s industrial port.     Past, present and future. The three units of time that have inspired Karl Lagerfeld for this Paris-Hamburg collection. Around these three axes, the designer infuses images of the Hamburg port, with gliding silhouettes of the merchant navy crew that he disrupts with the modernism of CHANEL. He revisits their wardrobe, re-appropriating their pea coats, their drop-front trousers, sweaters and immutable caps. While the spirit of Gabrielle Chanel – she who stole the striped sailor top...
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