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27 Mar

NEW! Cle de Peau Beaute Firming Serum Supreme

Cle de Peau Beaute introduces NEW! Firming Serum Supreme. The day gravity was defied. The hour a new definition took shape. The minute resilience entered a new dimension. The second the key turned. UNLOCK THE POWER OF YOUR RADIANCE       Time, challenged Unique 4D*-Boosting Technology. A supreme step forward in skincare. Addressing the cumulative effects of gravity – volume visibly re-amplified, contours redefined. Noticeably smoothed, toned skin on a 3D plane. The fourth dimension, skin tightened with a micro-thin layer. Surface appearance refined, firmness restored. *4D (four-dimensional) signifies a new dimension beyond 3D (three-dimensional) that enables a clearly defined and sculpted appearance through conditioning of the skin’s surface for the realization of visible firmness. Youthful tone, captured A 4D* serum, the first Clé de Peau...
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