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1 Jul

COS Autumn Winter 2019

The COS Autumn Winter 2019 collection explores two key concepts, bound by the exploration of scale. A brutalist approach based on the strong, angular lines of monumental architecture is complemented by a tranquil mood of escaping to nature – drawing the manmade and natural worlds together as one.Creating a collection with contrasting forms and sensual richness, firm structure and soft fluidity intertwine to form exaggerated proportions, while natural and innovative materials create architectural silhouettes. New methods of design turn to the delicacy of construction and deconstruction, exploring voluminous proportion and creating impactful scale. Slanted shoulder angles create bold and sculptural forms in menswear; cuffs, straps and belts add versatility while obtaining a relaxed fit. Womenswear pieces appear uncomplicated and exposed in...
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24 Mar


  COS is pleased to introduce Conifera, a large-scale 3D printed architectural installation made from renewable resources by London-based French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani and his eponymous studio. The site-specific work, situated in Milan’s 16th century Palazzo Isimbardi, will be will be open to the public for the duration of Salone del Mobile, 9 -14 April, 2019. Digitally designed and fabricated, Conifera has been created from seven hundred interlocking modular bio-bricks, 3D printed in a mix of wood and bioplastic. Aiming to be one of the largest structures to date conceived and realised using this method, Conifera reflects a new generation of architecture, showcasing advances in material innovation, technology and creativity. The installation is formed in modules that shift from a wood and bioplastic...
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8 Jul

COS Autumn Winter 2018

The COS Autumn Winter 2018 season takes inspiration from two pronounced themes inspired by interdisciplinary research: real or imagined nature and processes which refine the raw. The result is a collection of classic wardrobe pieces with altered proportions and innovative materials that celebrate hybrid, sculptural forms. Exploring the juxtaposition of the metropolitan and the natural environment acted as a starting point for the design process and translates into the collection through protective and textured garments, bringing the outdoors to the urban. Modular menswear pieces, reminiscent of technical, performance clothing sit alongside elongated women’s gloves, offering a modern take on protection from the elements. Framed by a colour palette that reflects the contrasting themes, the season is made up of nature-inspired tones of...
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