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9 Mar


DISAYA-SPRING SUMMER 2016 'THE PATHS OF LOVE' “The Paths of Love” is Parisian famous song composed by French composer Francis Poulenc and Jean Anouilh. The Lyric was written for Leocadia stage play in 1940. Then the rhythm was following composed on 1st of October in the same year for singer Yvonne Printemps, who played as a main character of Leocadia in December. Les Chemins de L’amour was adapted in various versions.   About Disaya  Disaya is founded in 2005 under the vision of Disaya Sorakraikittikul and is managed by A-List corporate Co., Ltd. Disaya values sensual designs and luxurious touches of highly sourced fabrics and combines them into each unique collection. Disaya is motivated to find the best elements to present to all confident and soulful spirits...
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