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16 May


This spring, SK-II gives its signature and most awarded bestseller Facial Treatment Essence a beautiful new look with a Limited Edition design depicting a single black bird in a sea of white birds.   Set in vibrant red, the unique design of the Little Red Symbol Limited Edition symbolizes an act of courage and strength to stand up and stand out from the crowd to pursue one’s dreams. The SK-II Little Red Symbol Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence is now available in set (7,400 Baht) with Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (120 g) and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30 ml) at all SK-II counters. From 2003 to 2016, Facial Treatment Essence has won over 250 beauty awards, making it the most awarded product in...
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2 Apr


SK-II’s Masterpiece Pitera™ collection is the brand’s most luxurious skincare collection to date. Masterfully created with the precious Youth Peach and Pitera™ in its most concentrated form, the SK-II Masterpiece Pitera™ collection helps you achieve the Pinnacle of Skin; skin that is taut, supple, and radiant.     MASTERPIECE PITERA™ COLLECTION: THE PRECIOUS INGREDIENTS  MASTERPIECE PITERA™  At the heart of SK-II’s latest Masterpiece Pitera™ collection lies the most condensed form of SK-II’s signature ingredient --Pitera™ which takes on a luxurious golden hue. More than 35 years ago, SK-II scientists discovered the unique yeast strain which Pitera™ is naturally derived from. Pitera™ is a liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work to improve the skin’s natural surface renewal process.     YOUTH...
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