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29 Apr

The Best Hair Stylers For Air Drying

If you panic at the thought of breaking up with your blow-dryer, there’s nothing to be scared of if you use the right air-dry products to make every day this summer a good one for your hair. To help make the separation easier, we’ve rounded up the best air-dry products to use for every hair type.


CAVIAR Resort Breeze Air-Dry Styling Balm

Work a small amount of this floral-scented balm through your hair for a little bit of frizz control, or add a little more and scrunch to create perfectly glossy waves and curls


No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray

This genius product somehow makes hair air dry faster, so you don’t show up to work looking like you just showered 30 minutes ago


QUAI Air Dry Foam

Scrunch this airy foam through your hair for lightweight frizz control and hold. It coaxes even the straightest hair to have a hint of natural movement.


Style Link Twisted Boho Curl Defining Air-Dry Cream

Towel-dry your hair, then take small amounts of this gel-like cream and coil your hair in sections. As it dries, break up the twists to debut soft, frizz-free beachy waves.


L’Oréal Paris AIR DRY IT Undone Style Cream

One of the biggest issues newbies to air-drying run into is futzing with their hair. Once you work this cream from midlengths to ends on towel-dried hair—leave it alone. Either let your hair air dry without running your fingers or a brush through it, or tie it into a few loose twists until completely dry.

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