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11 Oct

The Kenzo x H&M Complete Lookbook


Carol Lim and Humberto Leon creative director of Kenzo and H&M released completed collaboration collection lookbook Kenzo x H&M. Lim and Leon assembled an eclectic group of creatives to model the bold and layered menswear and womenswear looks including writer and activist Amy Sall, photographer Youngjun Koo, artist and DJ Juliana Huxtable, musician and performance artist Oko Ebombo, fashion editor Harriet Verney, make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, artist Ingrid, musician Anna of the North, model and rapper Le1f, and models Mae Lapres, Hao Liu, Selena Forrest, Tom Gaskin, Julia Banas, and Pierre Painchaud. The special collaboration collection arriving in 250 H&M selected stores around the world and online store on November 3.kenzo-x-hm-1 kenzo-x-hm-2 kenzo-x-hm-3 kenzo-x-hm-4 kenzo-x-hm-5 kenzo-x-hm-6 kenzo-x-hm-7 kenzo-x-hm-8 kenzo-x-hm-9 kenzo-x-hm-10 kenzo-x-hm-11 kenzo-x-hm-12 kenzo-x-hm-13 kenzo-x-hm-14 kenzo-x-hm-15 kenzo-x-hm-16 kenzo-x-hm-17 kenzo-x-hm-18 kenzo-x-hm-19 kenzo-x-hm-20 kenzo-x-hm-21 kenzo-x-hm-22 kenzo-x-hm-23 kenzo-x-hm-24 kenzo-x-hm-25 kenzo-x-hm-26 kenzo-x-hm-27 kenzo-x-hm-28 kenzo-x-hm-29 kenzo-x-hm-30 kenzo-x-hm-31 kenzo-x-hm-32 kenzo-x-hm-33 kenzo-x-hm-34 kenzo-x-hm-35 kenzo-x-hm-36 kenzo-x-hm-37 kenzo-x-hm-38 kenzo-x-hm-39 kenzo-x-hm-40 kenzo-x-hm-41

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