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3 May

The Rio 2016 Fashion Unveils

GB -1
Before biggest international sporting events ‘The Olympic Rio 2016’ from 5th August to 21th August 2016 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Posh Magazine would like to introduce The Rio 2016 Fashion to ‘Posh-nista’, a part of athlete uniforms by many countries created by leading designers and famous brands also design for opening and closing ceremony. The aesthetic design of sport performance.
Rio 2016
White Red Black and Maple leaf is motif of Team Canada. The outfit’s main attraction is tailored blazer with a windbreaker material. The jacket feature a sartorial finish with bold red fabric, flap pockets, rubber coated buttons, waterproof zipper and ribbed cuffs. Opening ceremony uniforms designed by Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten founder and owner from Dsquared2 an international fashion house.
Cananda -1
Canada Olympic 2016 Uniform.
(image courtesy : Mark Blinch)
Cananda -2
Benjamin Russell, Canoeing and Kayaking Athl1ete.
(image courtesy : Hudson’s bay)
Cananda -3
Khamica Bingham, Track and Field Athlete and Matthew Sarmento, Field Hockey Athlete.
(image courtesy : Hudson’s bay)
The French team was design by Felipe Oliveira Baptista artistic director from Lacoste. Important thing in his french team design is Lacoste spirit, founded by René Lacoste. Blue marine trench coat, hoodies, thermal sweater and rain ponchos, basic and clean design is more functionality, more comfortable is spirts of french sport outfits and came the brand new from the French Olympic committee designed by Leroy Tremblot.
France -1
Dancers wearing Lacoste for Team France.
(image courtesy :
France -2
Dancers wearing Lacoste for Team France.
(image courtesy :
France -3
Lacoste for Team France.
(image courtesy :
Great Britain
Stella McCartney, British fashion designer has revealed her design collaborated with Adidas for team GB’s athletes. Patriotic lions silhouettes over layed on pale Union Jacks with oversized GB graphics on outfits. Uniforms are pretty tight and smaller in this time, fabrics used high technical process also 10% lighter than in the London Olympic 2012. The brand new coat of arms is specially commissioned with Collage of Arms for this project.
GB -1
Stella McCartney with Great Britain Athletes.
(image courtesy :
GB -2
Coat of Arms designed by College of Arms.
(image courtesy :
GB -3
Tom Daley, Diver Athlete.
(image courtesy :
GB -4
Olivia Breen, Paralympic Athlete.
(image courtesy :
CONI, Italian National Olympic Committee collaborated with Giorgio Armani, Italian designer to official outfitters once again, Armani will supply all the formal wear and leisure wear. The outfits will include tracksuits, waterproof jacket,cargo pants, bermuda shorts, polo tee with the words ‘Fratelli d’Italia’ (Brother of Italy) and two style of shoes, both using C-Cube technology (Carbon Cushion Control) make maximum reactive comfort.
Italy -1
Giorgio Armani, Designer and Models in Armani for Team Italy
(image courtesy :
Italy -2
Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI and Giorgio Armani, Designer
(image courtesy :
Italy -3
Italian Athlete in Armani for Team Italy Design.
(image courtesy :

South Korea

Zika virus proof, all of the South Korean athletes is long pants, long sleeved shirts and jackets and mosquito repellent chemical added to protect from being bitten by mosquitos. Uniforms designed by official partner North Face and Bean Pole, in accordance guideline by The International Olympic Committee aimed at protecting from Zika virus.
South Korean Athletes and Model in National Uniform Team.
(image courtesy :

South Korean models present the South Korean Olympic team uniforms for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games at Korean National Training Center in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, April 27, 2016. South Korea's Olympic committee on Wednesday unveiled long-sleeved shirts and pants it says will help protect the country's Olympic athletes from the mosquito-borne Zika virus at this year's games in Rio de Janeiro. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

South Korean Athletes and Model in National Uniform Team.
(image courtesy : AP / Lee Jin Man)
South Korea Zika Virus
South Korean Athletes and Model in National Uniform Team.
(image courtesy : AP / Lee Jin Man)
Swedish multinational retail clothing company, known for its fast fashion brand H&M will be dressing Swedish athletes will include in opening ceremony, competition outfits, prize ceremonies until closing ceremony. In every pieces of fabrics will be made in sustainable materials and recycled yarn. The high function has been developed with feedback from professional Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström who’s tested throughout the process.
Sweden -1
Swedish Athletes in H&M for Team Sweden.
(image courtesy : H&M)
Sweden -2
Swedish Athletes in H&M for Team Sweden.
(image courtesy : H&M)
Sweden -3
Swedish Athletes in H&M for Team Sweden.
(image courtesy : H&M)
United State of America
The American athletes uniform take on classic with white blue stripes and red trimmed cotton t-shirt, tricolor boat shoes, white chino pants with tricolor ribbon belt and white button down shirt with pony logo on chest. Polo Ralph Lauren is official partner. The classic Americans sport motifs blended with modern styling in American flag tricolor.
USA -1
Haley Anderson, Marathon Swimmer Athlete / Ryan Lochte, Swimmer  Athlete / Jordan Burroughs, Freestyle Wrestler Athlete.
(image courtesy : Polo Ralph Lauren)
USA -2
USA -3
(image courtesy : Polo Ralph Lauren)
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