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21 Mar

THREE: NEW Holistic Care Line ‘THREE’

THREE’s new line is designed for such delicate skin. Formulated with essential oils and various other botanical ingredients that offer multiple benefits, it takes a holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin and restores the skin’s natural defense mechanism by regulating the balance that has been disrupted by modern-day living.


Without the strength to defend itself, the skin cannot reveal its true beauty. Bringing unyielding beauty by restoring balance to the mind, body and skin. It all starts with THREE, providing the strength and beauty to turn away everyday stressors.


THREE’s exclusive blend of signature essential oils, Laurel leaf oil and Frankincense oil. With these two key essential oils as the base, a few additional essential oils are added to enhance the feature of each skincare item. The slightly sweet, refreshing and distinctly spicy scent releases any stress and tension. Bringing relaxation to the mind, body and skin, the blend empowers the skin enabling it to defend against the modern environment.


This holistic care line consists of 5 products. THREE CLEANSING OIL that spreads smoothly to relieve sensitive skin.It liberates the skin by lifting away makeup, excess keratin and air impurities that adhere to the skin after a long day, bringing back the natural glow and clarity to the skin.

THREE TREATMENT EMULSION, this fresh emulsion soothes the weakened skin and helps it unwind. Last, THREE TREATMENT CREAM, this cream boosts the skin’s defense mechanism by bringing out its inherent strength to defend. It spreads effortlessly, locking in well-replenished moisture while guarding against particulate matter floating in the air, leaving the skin silky smooth.

THREE CLEARING FOAM, this face wash is mild enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin which suffers from red marks even after just a gentle rub.

THREE TREATMENT LOTION, which gently seeps into dry or rough skin without any irritation and the slightly thick, smooth texture quickly penetrates the horny layer to relieve any skin damage.

Available now at all THREE counters.

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