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8 Oct

Vichy Introduces Naturalblend Lip Balms

Vichy, one of the leading French dermo-cosmetic brands, has just announced the launch of their new Naturalblend Lip Balms designed to soothe and condition the lips, while providing a hint of luscious, radiant color.


The softening lip balms leave a sheer, natural tint that enhances the color of the lips. As a perfect remedy to transform dry, chapped lips, these creamy, softly textured balms improve the appearance of lip dryness by 26%, whilst hydrating and protecting them from the elements. The 96% natural formula combines a blend of carefully selected oils, beeswax, and nutrient-dense coconut butter.


Unlike your regular lip balm, this one smells and tastes good, and doubles as a great lipstick alternative. By combining color and care, Vichy’s new Naturalblend Lip Balm delivers just the right amount of color, or no color at all. It debuts in 5 shades, including the sheer one named Non-tint. The remaining four shades are trendy Nude, Fuschia, Coral, and Red.

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