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5 Oct

Watchfinder & Co. Explains Why the Omega Seamaster Trumps the Rolex Submariner

Watchfinder & Co. has just released a new video pitting two of the most time-tested (and marketed) Swiss dive watches against each other — the OMEGA Seamaster and the Rolex Submariner. Using the 116610LV Sub aka Hulk and the ref. Seamaster as the talking points, Watchfinder & Co. delivers another video that is sure to appease anyone from those that are looking for their first luxury watch, to those that already have their collection dialed in.


The video explains that while on paper, the OMEGA Seamaster bests the Submariner in the categories: craftsmanship, history, movement, details, price, availability, to name a few, Rolex is king in something that matters most: branding. Even with the OMEGA Seasmaster’s £3,700 GBP price point vs the Sub’s retail price of £7,000 GBP, logic is thrown out the window as emotions take over. Watchfinder & Co.’s goes on to pose a valid conclusion that in certain situations “better does not matter,” and that “better does not always make you ‘feel’ better.” Watch the video above to learn more about these two iconic watches.

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