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3 Jul

YellowKorner brings top destination cities into the collection “Beauty amid the Chaos”

YellowKorner a lifestyle photo gallery from France invites you to travel around the world with “Beauty amid the Chaos” collection this month, as it realized that hectic city lifestyle can outshine the aesthetic architecture of the surroundings. Urban collection shows off cities in different perspective through techniques of each individual photographers.

Starting off with the first talent from Sauerland, Germany, Jorg Dickmann took photos since he was a child. With the guidance from his father, photography gradually became a part of his life. Dickmann has never thought he would create value out of it, until the revolution of digital processing photography crept in. Using digital single-lens reflex camera, Dickmann polishes his shooting strength and holds onto what natural beauty can provide. His work is all about good composition between landscape, natural light, and positioning, as reflected in his “Concrete Bangkok,” the photography presents a perfect timing, capturing reflection of hectic city at a perfect angle as daily activity goes on. “BANGKOK 2” is also a part of his portfolio, catching the moment of a busy street in town; the notable long exposure techniques used in the photo gives the feeling of swamped nightlife that the sound of hunk and horn can even break through the frame. The upturn, his work was featured in several Dutch magazines such as Foto Praxis, Focus, ELLE City.

Moving down to the south into neighbor country like France will find well-talented Serge Ramelli. Inspired by his passion in photography, he decided to quit his job and started working full-time as a photographer and cinema producer. Led by his creativity and observative nature, Ramelli keeps exploring shooting and digital techniques, while sharpening his skill to create a better version of signature urban landscape art pieces. His shooting signature both in color and monochrome holds on to genuine beauty of the object, which later is elevated through touch-up technique to highlight overall dimension. His popular pieces sold at YellowKorner includes Le Pont Neuf by Night, Notre Dame Rose, Arc de Triomphe, etc.

Laurent Dequick works as an architect, and is a photographer by choice. The uniqueness in his work is the reflection of contemporary cities and proliferation of modern urban space. Considering city lifestyle as a beautiful chaos, Dequick conveys urban impression of population density and dynamic city activities through lens. He overlaps his photographs as idiosyncrasy to present the perfect imperfection of architectural complexes, traffic, and people. Yet, condense and cubic technique is one-of-a-kind tactic used in his work to help relaying the story and liveliness of movement in a frame. His collection includes Wat Phra Kaew, Phra Wiharn Yod, Morning Time Square, Piccadilly Circus, Queenboro Bridge

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